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Middle East expedition to the west , up the hill folk Hon the government to develop the route to be coming this week, and district on the 10 sample startup and we are inside this old . The hilly roads and the development of multi- investment by failing to be the city of the facility , seeking to become the sample sequences move to stop this unjust policy makers said . None of the hilly mountain road and the new city , the plan has been to restore the house and barren wasteland cabinet? Hilly road and sample the city of mountain dwellers is what ?
For discussion we credulous sends - we move inside this road to be RET . To the government will alter the development of the 10 sample a hill Probs . Fourteen participants in about a hundred and fifty for discussion between urban development and building construction have Shambhu KC General of the Department and the credulous eastern section is employed engineer Suresh Pipaladi .

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