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Harke Haldaris a kantipur televison presentation aired every Sunnday. Harke Haldar ia a Nepali comedy TV show. Watch Harke Haldar 2nd March 2014, Meri Bassai, Tito Satya, Jire Khursani and Bhadragol exclusive on Meri Bassai is the most popular tv serial based on village lifestyle. It give full entertainment with its amazing team of Kedar Ghimure, Sitaram Kattel, Kunhjana Ghimire, Wilson Bikram Rai and more. Tito Satya is another famout tv serial based on City living middle high class family story. It brings movie stars and other events on its screen time to time. The serial played by Dipakraj Giri, Dipa Shree Niraula, Raj Acharya, Nirmal Sharma and more is full of Twists. Jire Khursani is true looking show based on lower class urban family. It is full of comedy and different political stories. It focuses more on social issues. with the full strength of its team it tries to bring stories from national and international spots. Jitu Nepal, Shivari Paudel, Rajaram Paudel etc are its team member. Please come back for Nepali film, songs and videos from Music Nepal. 

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