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Actress Binita Baral Is working As a farmer- Interview 25th feb 2014
  Actress Binita Baral has started a new type of business, organic farming. After starting a business of organic farming in June, she has realized that the Nepali media doesn’t care about the betterment of society. When she talked about sex, everybody wrote about her statement. But now, when she talks about farming and agriculture, nobody cares. Binita received lukewarm response in media about her farming business.
Binita says, "At the time when young people are going out of country for job, I have started a business that anybody can start." 

 She believes, if everybody is informed about the potential of working and earning in country the brain drain problem might be reduced. Binita wants the youth in country to start farming and similar works instead of going to work in foreign country. Binita and the team have leased 2-ropani land in Tokha to start organic farming. They have grown tomato, asparagus, and chili in the farm. In addition to selling the product, she is also planning to offer guided tour to her farm in future.

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