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Raw Barz's another Heated Rap Battle between Rapster Shuvam vs Mausam. Host: Easi 12 Venue: Batika Restaurant, Jhamsikhel
Raw Barz Australia, which is also the Australian branch of Raw Barz Nepal has recently released it's first rap battle for the from the first episode of Raw Barz ...Raw Barz is back again with another really good rap battle from last season’s final episode between Mausam and Rapster Shuvam. The event was witnessed by hundreds and was thoroughly enjoyed by most on and off the camera. Hosted by Easi 12, this one in particular is very interesting and entertaining as both rappers come at each other with fierce disses and rebuttals. The event was organised by Xclusivez Entertainment and 11 battles were held on the day. It was also one of the most heated bouts of the day as both take on the challenge and give their opponents a hard time out there in the center of the circular crowd. Watch the video yourself to to entertained for the next 15 minutes. Take it easy and Enjoy!

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