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Magne Budho ( variously Magne Buda or Maghne Budha) is played by Kedar Ghimire. Buda is characterized by his bad attitude and his habit of borrowing things from his neighbors. Buda likes to say "Aaile latela dyera bariko patoma puryai dinchu ani". One of his teeth is damaged, which gives him an accent

He was not born to a well-off family. He neither had any ambitions for his life nor was he passionate about something. He always preferred living a low-keyed life. Kedar Ghimire, 32, more popularly known as "Magne Buda" of the "Meri Bassai" teleserial knew this that the road ahead of him was not a bed of roses. He would have to struggle a lot because there was no one to show him the way or to back him up in times of need.
The promising comedy actor is originally from Makwanpur district. His family often went through financial crunches and that was why he used to put on the same dress to go to his school almost for a year. After the untimely demise of his mother during his early childhood, he had to face much more difficulties to grow up as a responsible son to his father, who hardly could do anything to secure his son's future. Upon completing his secondary level of education he came to Kathmandu in 1993 and joined in law studies for his Intermediate level. He had no clue why he decided to study law. But before he could complete his education, the financial crunch came as a barrier and he had to withdraw his studies.

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