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A couple of months ago we set out to conquer the mysteries of the Urban Indian Man. The aim was to speak man to man and figure out what masculinity has come to mean in the time of flux. 

Tonight we look back as what has been the strange and fascinating journey into the psychique of the Indian Man. We started up looking what was important to men work, ambition, family, and women offcourse. 

These are the prisms through which we looked at men. Women became actually the focal point. This is the constructive criticism, a tough love. Atish Taseer interviews some of the successful ladies and learns about their point of views towards men. 

The journey which explored the mysteries of the Urban Indian Man is about to come to an end. Watch the final episode of Chivas Studio Gentleman's Code on Sunday at 8 PM!

Chivas Studio - Gentleman's Code is an insightful exploration into the mind and inner workings of the modern Indian Men. Chivas Studio Gentleman's Code with Priyanka Chopra- [Full Episode]

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