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Her family was forced to live old mother of contempt under the mundane work of admirable personality as giving shelter worker Inspection is to maintain the image . A mixture of many media ISL many words of praise . Rejection is not easy to work for improvement vrddhaharulai shelter , echo this to work. But disregarding the cover of the old and the children, saying secession request immediate relief to the District Administration Office , Kathmandu agitation. Sibility conducted without permission , sending the children as domestic workers , abusive immoral women wear the garekodekhi lacs serious allegations are made there . Immoral women work was also received an audio evidence , saying cheering . Anu took this action before the investigation of the administration has been promoting . 

In this process, there have to keep the children safe bleak there, ' Rescue ' extortion. Think about it with the first page , on Wednesday, the daily news magazine idea. 

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