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Nowadays competition is taking brandaharuvica grow like Facebook and like the number they are failures and compromises his fame .

Facebook Like prominence connecting the arms of the people who admired Brands have spent millions of rupees on Facebook Advertising . However , millions of millions of rupees fan who received highly prized ring , right opposite the reality .

Like many false start last anusandhanaharule Advertising Facebook Like the fact level. And , strange as if such lands, Nepal is one of the fake Like akhadamadhyeko .

raj kapoor kupura Raj Brar these in Canada , who myojinako world of fashion have their empires . His ' Fashion and Style ' magazine are nearly 16 million Facebook fan . His next venture , South Asian Fashion Deals: small window are like 17 million .

After he revealed in recent phyanabare risarcaharule fake attention to his phyanamathi began . He then brought his logo.Now when he knew were fake drug most humbling . Like their page and licked the purpose of such account or some of whose dumping partner Forest and nearly 3 thousand more pages have been like .

Nearly 6 million dollars and a half until he was enchanting to Facebook Advertising Zones President AFPFL - money that KMC last forever . '

Raj Kapoor a ROCs. Last time, small and medium business and financial institutions for Facebook publicly complain that they have spent the money in the Himalayas are coming like fake . Like the purpose of such openly brandasamga cousin relationship which he is not , and like when they are not the same page ingeja .

Business Insider reports that the last time Like millions of business in the past . Like a thousand dollars selling 70 different web browser such are Advertising .

Such web browser Nepal , India , Pakistan , Philippines , and South Asian countries indanesiya among Tells ' response form ' are calaihareka . Whose work - such lands rented to people like they said legally page .

How to know ?

It is very sad to know fake like they do. Like what country you come only you and those like Ms. Ipoh, like the Department , to share , to the comments that there is neither enough attention to it . Like most South Asian countries such fake shot in a two per cent of the ingredients and their greed.

EVERYTHING is , anyone giving money to open an account, and different page Facebook Like to conquer , they also cindainana your product , that means you did the Department also if not , just like the deportation of a ruined work .

Thus, for example , thousands of fake Like Holiness bijnapanadataharu looted the public in nearly any Facebook is silent about this . Facebook 's policy of money to rent a fake like klikakartaharu to the chagrin or allow . However , we can justify such bustalaika 70 1 thousand dollars from the bottom like that Facebook has enabled the public about this surely Merlin Advertising chain . Is Facebook for such illegal trade and to encourage its popularity PERSPECTIVE not doing so the question is objectionable .

Like anywhere you have spent for fake Like the stomach? What proportion of your fan and their ingejamentavica ? Once thought of that ?

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