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Power News about Dil Shova FollowUp 1st March 2014  
Nagarik News reports that a source has provided the audio records which points arrows toward Dil Shova Shrestha for creating sex enterprise under the cover of Aama Ghar. The report says that Dil Shova used children and seniors from her Aama Ghar as laborers and sex worker. A complaint filed at CDO alleged Dil Shova for sending women and children to work for others and sleeping over at Guest’s in exchange for money. The accusations has left public in disbelief and people are taking their reactions out on twitter.
Dilshova Shrestha’s day begins at a time when most of Kathmandu is sleeping. She gets up by 4 am and helps 30 elderly women and 36 children freshen up. She also literally feeds them with breakfast and the same scene repeats during meal and dinner time.

Besides that, she takes the responsibility of doing their laundry, looking after their basic needs, taking them to doctors for check up, and when any member of her trust passes away, she also performs their final rites.

Dilshova, 57, who was abandoned by her husband for ‘not being able to give birth to a son’, has been strictly following this routine for the last 13 years at the Old Age Management Social Welfare Trust. Popularly known as Aamako Ghar (Mother’s Home), she established the trust all on her own.

Life was different for Dilshova some forty years back. A young girl then, she was on cloud nine after having fallen deeply in love. Overtime, she got close to the man of her life and ultimately decided to tie the nuptial knot with him.

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