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Handwritten Nepali passport in 2015, November 24 (  2072 Mansir 8 ) after use to bring the  handwritten  passport deadline obligation to M. R . P . Original passport and citizenship certificate stamped with a hint of the old rules as soon Unification makes photo and form with l and m are requested  M. . R . P . Passport application form given many petitioners Size seemingly , seemingly filling , photo size seemingly unto beaches such forms as possible to the event that the mistakes and the related need to be sensitive to the document in order to support his own office in Portugal,  Non Resident Nepali Association M. R . P . Passport related services that are happy to give information to convince.

Contact phones :
Ramesh Kumar Gurung ( Bohemia ) : 920217109
Hemata Sedai ( Secretary ) : 920321913
Tirtha Silwal ( member ) : 920029833
Non- Resident Nepali Association - Portugal

See also the information the Embassy in Paris

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