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'Ritu', the debut movie of director Manoj Adhikari, is also the debut movie of Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi, in lead role.
RITU (English: Seasons) is a 2013 Nepali film directed by Manoj Adhikari, whose this is a directorial debut. The original script is written by Sandeep Badal, who is the second winner of the Nepali Cinema Script Writing Competition organised by New Nepali Cinema. It is new love story movie being produced from Australia. 85 percentage of the movie was shot in different cities of Australia and remaining 15 percentage in Kathmandu, Pokhara cities of Nepal.“Seasons change with time. 

So do the hearts and feelings inside.” RITU is a story of youths and their struggle against the time, seasons, hearts and feelings that are trying their best to not remain the same. It is the story of their tears. It is the story of their laughs. And it is the story of their love. “Ritu”, director Manoj Adhikari’s debut feature is the joint venture of Australia based Alp Entertainment, USA based Planet3Films and Nepal’s Apil Bista Films.

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