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Five Nepali peacekeepers were injured, two critically, in grenade attack at Bunia Town in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

An unidentified armed outfit attacked Nepali peacekeepers while they were carrying out their duty at Bunia Town, 1786 km south-east of  capital city Kinshasa, said Nepal Army.

Of the injured, the condition of two peacekeepers is said to be critical. The injured are undergoing treatment. he remote parts of the area covered by the Ituri Brigade are affected by various rebel groups such as the Mai Mai, ADF Nalu, M23, FRPI, Cobra Matata and many other unrecognized armed outfits.
One battalion of Nepali peacekeepers has been working under the UN’s peacekeeping mission in DRC, MONUSCO.
The council noted that the remarks made in the media and among general public have raised question mark over the truth in the news report that alleged social worker Shrestha of sexual abuse. Stating that there were widespread discourses and talk about abuse of press freedom and violation of journalist code of conduct in the news reporting, the media regulatory body said its serious attention has been drawn towards the same.

Last week Nagarik daily published a news report citing an audio recording in which Shrestha was supposedly talking to a client over phone. 

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