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Singer Rajesh Payal Rai Helps "Save Anis Khaling"

All the Nepalese people people including the artists and singers are putting the fullest effort to save  Anish Rai from death. To save the Nepali guy Anish Rai who has been declared to hang to death in Dubai for murdering a Pakistani citizen, Anish Rai was declared to hang to death by the UAE government due to the murder case.

Anish had been to UAE as an employee some months earlier with an aim of earning some money for himself and his family and to uplift the standard of living, but he got trapped in the murder case. According to himself, he had been tortured and mistreated by the Pakistani Citizen since so long and while protesting against the torture, the Pakistani citizen died. But Anish says that he had no any intention of killing him. Even Anish’s family members has been clarifying that Anish is innocent and it isn’t crime to protest against mistreatment.

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