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Jeevan Saathi Dipak Raj Giri and Menka Giri
Dipak Raj Giri is a producer and actor in the Nepali film industry. He is the writer, producer, and director of the Nepali comedy TV serial Tito Satya. He was also the writer, producer, and lead actor in the Nepali action comedy film Cha Ekan Cha. Giri started his film career with an appearance in Sundar Mero Naam, released in 2004.
Tito Satya is a Nepali sitcom television series that premiered in 2003. Deepak Raj Giri is the script writer, director, and one of the main characters. Tito Satya aires every Thursday on Nepal Television. Integrating topics (such as politics and everyday problems) into an entertaining yet relatable fashion, Tito Satya has proven to be one of the most viewed programs in Nepal.

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