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Sajha Sawal Episode 326: Caste Based Discrimination Sajha Sawal Episode 326: Caste Based Discrimination According to the Constitution and the scot alleged that the lower caste discrimination lawyers. Doing so, the penalty of three years imprisonment and 25 thousand rupees is likely the law . 

Government and non-government sectors to reduce racial discrimination is spending millions . Such discrimination is written in the constitution that the agenda . Scot have become . If the juices run longstanding ethnic discrimination, stigma ? Racial discrimination and untouchability Act has two and a half years of logical discrimination and discrimination in the society, what is the situation then ? But this debate on behalf of the Nepali Congress Constituent Assembly we mean restriction, the National Dalit Commission and ethnic discrimination and untouchability , president Sushila Copeland Act 2068 , according to the quoted text body of Nepal Police spokesman SSP Ganesh KC is early .

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