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Indira Rana Magar (Nominee of World Children Prize) in TOUGH talk with Dil Bhusan Pathak  

In 2014 , Indira Rana the response of women to the children of junior clocks considered " Children's Prize for valdsa " the nomination for the initiate . In the past 24 years working in the welfare of Children of prisoners from the jails and harm to Pakistani BLH has declared Yusuf and maikrosap m soldiers went to work actively with library development zone samkha America , Sweden, is the Children's Prize Foundation valdasa has become final and take Dasanayake . This before you name the award Mandela, Tutu was awarded Aung Sang Dry and desamanda . If this award on behalf of Maiti Nepal is already . 

Ever since 2000, established by the institution called Prisoners esistensa Nepal putting thousands of children due to deliver the nomination appeared to be perfect . Birth parents have long prison sentence of imprisonment , and to them, the AC will be reflected in the work she began seeing and harm to the student organization support , knowing the school has exceeded sakhnya 4 hundred . The organization is also regarded by his skills also teach youth work . In 2005 he was Asoka XII get the 2009 New York -based Asia Society in Asia Hedge One Young Leader Public Service Award was also honored . HALLOWEEN was born into a poor family , including statements 10 years of school to go to if not simultaneously being enrolled in the five studies was started . Ever since she graduated studies, half the time of your life in the atmosphere is the wafers .

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