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High Court quashes lower court proceedings against Salman Khan
The Bombay High court on Monday quashed the proceedings against Bollywood actor Salman Khan in a magistrate's court on a complaint seeking contempt action against him for posting court developments on his website.

Advocate Ravi Kadam who appeared for Mr. Khan argued that the complaint was 'frivolous', urging to court to seek costs from the complainant, Hemant Patil.

Justice Sadhana Jadhav, who allowed Mr. Khan's petition to quash the complaint, said that the court is inclined to impose Rs 2000 cost on Mr. Patil for wasting court's time. She observed that prima facie the complaint seems to be filed to gain publicity and not in public interest.

The magistrate court in Bandra had issued notice to the actor on July 10, 2013 on the complaint filed by Mr. Patil, wherein he alleged contempt of court against Mr. Khan for posting court proceedings, of his 2002 hit-and-run case, on his website,, as the matter was sub-judice.

Mr. Khan however appealed to the high court against the notice, by claiming that the website was created to ensure that no wrong information is spread through media and only facts should come to light. His lawyer also argued that the case involving the actor has been committed by the sessions court and magistrate has no jurisdiction to issue notice to him on contempt complaint.

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